Hoogvliet Supermarkets

Hoogvliet Supermarkets

Hoogvliet supermarkets

I collaborated with Giso Spijkerman to create a visually stunning winter scene that showcases a snowy landscape with intricate details that help bring it to life. The task at hand was to add snow to the roofs of the buildings in the shot.

While my primary focus was on adding the snow, I also took on the responsibility of adding other important elements to the scene. For example, I added the Christmas lights to the buildings, which helped create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is synonymous with the holiday season. Additionally, I created a snowman that stands out in the foreground, adding a playful touch to the scene that helps draw the viewer’s eye.

Throughout the project, I paid careful attention to the details. I was able to achieve this by using a combination of 3D modeling, kit-bashing and matte painting techniques, with the majority of the work being done in 3D and the remaining 10% being done in matte painting.

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